Warehousing Services

Storage services:

1. General cargo
2. Special Cargo:
2.1 Cold Cargo, Valuable Cargo, Live animal
- Pre-alerts should be sent to NCTS at least 24 hours before scheduled time arrival ( for Import cargo) or scheduled time departure ( for export cargo, transit cargo via Noibai airport)
Kindly send shipment information to:
  •  For Import Cargo:
Import Division: email import@noibaicargo.com.vn  or Tel No.: 04.35840905, ext:  3345, 3346
  • For Export Cargo, Transit Cargo:

Export Division: email: export@noibaicargo.com.vn or Tel no: 0936302866.

- In case NCTS considers being unable to meet customer’s inquiry, NCTS gives feedback about its capability for customer’s further arrangement.
- In case pre- alerts are not sent to NCTS or sent later than the above mentioned time, NCTS handling depends on actual conditions and customers hold responsibilities for risk possibly occurred to their cargo.
         2.2 Human remains Cargo (HUM cargo):  storage service is unavailable for HUM cargo

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Noi Bai Cargo Terminal Services Jsc.(NCTS)