Dispatching International Cargo at Downtown Warehouse

                  AT DOWNTOWN WAREHOUSE

 I. Time
      1. Working time: 

           - From Monday to Saturday, except Sunday, National Holiday and legal
             regulated day-off.
           - Morning: 07h30 – 11h30, Afernoon: 13h00 – 16h30
     2. Overtime services:    
          - Overtime services: to get customs permissions and send letter 
            in writing to company before 15h30.
     3. If you have question, please contact number:
        3.1  Gia Lâm division:
            - Tel : (04) 35 840 905 ext 2741 or (04) 38 271 31
            - Fax:           (04) 38 271 310
            - Email:       
        3.2  Aviation logistics services joint – stock company:
            - Tel:  (04) 37 685 858
            - Fax:           (04) 37 685 868
            - Email:       

 II.Restricted condition:
        At the moment, NCTS does not accept special cargo at downtown, as follow
        ( except we have detailed agreement):
                - Live animal
                - Perishable goods
                - Dangerous goods
                - Some kind of special goods: HUM,VAL…

 III.  Documents requirement:
- Shipper Instruction for Dispatch
        - Confirmed booking sheet from the Airlines.
        - Related documents

 IV. Preparing cargo for “Ready for carriage”
        - Prepare enough mark and label for the shiptment
        - Complete “ Shipper Instruction for Dispatch”
        - Show booking note for security guard to get …
        - Stick label and mark onto the shiptment

V. Step to dispatch cargo: 
1.  Customs clearance:
- Customers are pleased to contact Customs department for exporting cargos.

2. Aviation procedure: Customers prepare enough necessary documents and follow instruction:
- Step 1: showing “Shipper Instruction for Dispatch” (SID) with all items filled in, marked by Customs seal.
- Step 2: Acceptance staff will check quantity, weight, size and other requirements and signs up the SID.
- Step 3: pay all relevant fees at Accounting counter after completing all documents.

3.  Issue AWB:

- Customers take SID with “Paid” mark of NCTS to Airlines' offices in oder to issue AWB.

4.  Hand-over AWB to acceptance staff:
- After issuing AWB, please hand over AWB to acceptance staff to complete dispatching


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